5 Best Final Expense Telesales Companies [The Secret to More Sales]

When starting off in telesales, it’s important to understand the “go-to” carriers. Having carriers where you learn the underwriting and unique niches are critical. It places you in the driver’s seat and allows you to write more business with ease and ultimately help your clients in the best possible manner. What your searching for are…
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Sentinel Security Life [9 Reasons To Contract With and Write Them]

For Agent Use Only Having a strong, streamlined platform such as Digital Senior Benefits and having the correct companies to write and offer to your clients such as Sentinel Security Life is a recipe for success. Our systems are streamlined and built for final expense telesales agents to experience more growth and success than any…
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Royal Neighbors Contracting [10 Reasons You Want to Write Them]

For Agent Use Only Using Digital Senior Benefits final expense telesales platform, that is built solely to help agents succeed with final expense sales over the phone, we believe Royal Neighbors of America is a top consideration and carrier to have access to and to offer to your clients. They are excellent for transacting final expense…
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liberty bankers life contracting

Liberty Bankers Life Contracting [10 Reasons You Have to Sell Them]

For Agent Use Only On our turnkey final expense platform, Liberty Bankers is one of our top carrier choices for selling final expense life insurance over the phone. 10 Great Reasons to Consider Selling Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Reason #1–Pricing Is Competitive. If your client can qualify for the SIMPL Preferred Plan, Liberty Bankers Life…
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Mutual of Omaha Contracting [10 Reasons To Contract With Them]

Why Sell Mutual of Omaha Living Promise Final Expense Plans? 10 Reasons Explained Reason #1- Easy and Fast E Application Process. Mutual of Omaha currently uses the I GO E App platform for the Living Promise Product. It’s fast and easy for an agent to navigate. After selecting the product and coverage amounts, you can…
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Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Contracts

For agent use only. Gerber has been a staple in the final expense life insurance business. With guaranteed issue life insurance products coming and going, Gerber has stayed around for the long term. While they’re not the cheapest, they’re certainly in the top tier of guaranteed issue life insurance rates nation-wide. Especially for $15,000 coverage…
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AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Contracting [Top 10 Reasons To Write Them]

For agent use only AIG guaranteed issue life insurance is the #1 selling guaranteed issue carrier for independent agents because of the pricing and ease of doing business.  With this product you’ll be able to be lower than all the guaranteed issue products you see on TV like Colonial Penn. With full transparency, the only…
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Prosperity Life Group New Vista Final Expense Contracts

For agent use only. Not for distribution to consumers. Prosperity is a leading carrier with many of our agents because of a few essential features that make them more money. They’re fairly new to the final expense market, but they have the reserves to handle a lot of business. Product is issued through group member…
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Americo Eagle Premier Final Expense Contracting

For agent use only Update: We can no longer recommend Americo for final expense agents selling over the phone for the term product or any other product for the reasons listed below. We were once contracted with Americo and are no longer.  We’ll tell the story below (see #4). Top 5 Reasons To Stay Away…
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