Royal Neighbors Contracting [10 Reasons You Want to Write Them]

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Using Digital Senior Benefits final expense telesales platform, that is built solely to help agents succeed with final expense sales over the phone, we believe Royal Neighbors of America is a top consideration and carrier to have access to and to offer to your clients.

They are excellent for transacting final expense business over the phone.

10 Reasons to Offer Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance to Your Clients

Reason #1- Affordable Premiums for Your Clients- Royal Neighbors is one of the most affordable final expense carriers you can offer to your clients. Currently, on level benefit plans, Royal Neighbors is a top 5 when it comes to price.

They sit roughly $6-8 more expensive than Liberty Bankers SIMPL Preferred Plan and just a few dollars more expensive than Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise Level Benefits plan.

If you haven’t yet considered contracting with Liberty Bankers Life and Mutual of Omaha, you can also visit our post on what makes them great options as well.

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Affordability for your clients as a final expense telesales agent or a life insurance agent conducting business across the country over the phone is a huge advantage. Consumers want low prices and having Royal Neighbors allows you to offer that.

Reason #2- A Simple Yes/ No Application Process- Royal Neighbors offers one of the most straightforward application processes you can ask for in the final expense telesales market. It’s a simple yes and no question-based application that will determine the eligibility for your client.

Only 9 primary questions are asked in this initial phase.

Reason #3-No Build Chart or Guidelines With RNA. Royal Neighbors offers a unique underwriting niche since they don’t ask any height and weight-related questions on the application.

If you have run into issues with other carriers or have a client that may exceed the standard guidelines for coverage, Royal Neighbors can be a quick fix to get your client approved for coverage.

Reason #4- Get A Quick Approval Decision Via the Phone Interview- In Final Expense Telesales, you need the ability to close sales quickly and get approvals fast. Companies that use a phone-based interview system and offer a point of sale decision can give you a massive boost.

Before ever getting off the phone with your client you can take the application from beginning to finished and have your client satisfied that they have been approved for coverage.

This creates a substantial boost to help place cases and produce more cash flow coming back into your business.

Reason #5- Fraternal Benefit Society Benefits. If your client chooses to secure coverage with RNA, they will also gain access to other unique benefits that other final expense life insurance companies do not offer.

With a Royals Neighbor membership, your client can also enjoy benefits such as the following.

  • A Free Simple Will
  • Prescription Drug Discounts

Reason #6- Accelerated Living Benefit Riders Available with RNA. For policies that exceed $7,000 or more for the face amount, your clients will enjoy the ability to use Accelerated Benefits.

This only means that qualifying triggers such as chronic, critical and terminal illness can help your client gain access to the face value or cash proceeds of the life insurance policy while living.

This is an excellent selling point you can use on your conversation with your clients to gain more interest in the products you are offering.

Reason #7- Unique Graded Period on Graded Plans. Many final expense companies offer a graded period that is only return of premium plus interest earned during the first 24-36 months of the policy. RNA is unique.

They offer 30% of your face value in year 1 of the graded period and 70% of the face value in year 2.

For clients that don’t qualify for the simplified issue level plans with RNA, this can be a great selling point that can make them feel a peace of mind that some coverage is available immediately for the premiums that are being paid into the policy.

Reason #8- Owner and Insured Can Be Different. As always with life insurance, insurable interest does need to exist, but Royal Neighbors makes the application easy for individuals wanting to purchase life insurance on a loved one.

Other companies that offer this perk do exist, but with a simple application system and the frequency this issue arises in final expense telesales, it’s a nice perk to have with such a streamlined process and application system.

Reason #9- Voice Signature Is the Best for Telesales. We have touched on how easy RNA is to use and to complete a sale with, but the voice signature really sets them apart.

Other companies such as Mutual of Omaha still require electronic signatures using platforms such as I GO E Pipeline.

Being able to get that final piece of information (The Signature) using voice sign can eliminate cases that reach 99% completion and then never go on the books and never ultimately pay you.

When you work in final expense telesales, the little things like this make a world of difference with placing and finishing cases and ensuring that your client doesn’t have that downtime to shop other rates or get cold feet about the process in general.

Reason #10- Access to Royal Neighbors Term Insurance Products. Royal Neighbors also offers term insurance to its clients and agents who are contracted with them. Royal Neighbors currently has a product known as Term to Age 95.

It’s offered in 3 Variations. Here’s a look at them.

  • JETerm 15- Issues Ages 18-65
  • JETerm-20- Issue Ages 18-60
  • JETerm 30- Issue Ages 18-50

This is another paperless product that has a streamlined, easy start to finish application process.

It’s also a point of sale decision, and currently, you can offer up to 500,00 in simplified issue coverage (no-exam) for individuals ranging in age from 18-50 and 250,000 in coverages for individuals that are currently 51-60.

This another excellent product to have in your back pocket for when the situation arises.

RNA (Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance) Products and Specifications

Here’s a look at Royal Neighbors of America product specifications for the final expense level and graded benefit plans.

RNA Level Benefits Plan

  • Simplified Issue
  • 5,000-25,000 Coverage Amounts
  • Ages Available 50-85

RNA Graded Benefits Plan

  • Simplified Issue
  • 5,000-10,000 Coverage Amounts available
  • 30% Face Amount Available Year 1- Graded Period
  • 70% Face Amount Available Year 2- Graded Period
  • 100% Face Amount Available Year 3 and Beyond
  • Issues Ages Available 50-85

What Agents Love Most About Royal Neighbors of America

Outside of great sponsored trips that Royal Neighbors is known for handing out to agents for certain levels of production, agents absolutely love the voice signature and ability to complete the application quickly.

Anytime an agent that is phone based or internet based can lock down and finish a sale from point A to point Z is a win-win for everyone involved.

Let Digital Senior Benefits Help

With Digital Senior Benefits, we can help even further. We have a conservation team in place that will call and handle your clients missed payments and pending lapses.

This ultimately keeps more business on the books and keeps you focused on the activities that matter the most.

Finding more interested prospects and selling final expense insurance.

Leads and cash flow are the only two things needed outside of work ethic to succeed in this business.

We can help with the leads and RNA can help with the cash flow. The rest will take care of itself.

Long story short, if you are a final expense telesales agent, Royal Neighbors of America is a company you absolutely need in your basket of options to succeed.

Interested in Royal Neighbors Contracting? Here’s What To Do Next!

If interested in a contract with RNA, please email and request our contracting link for RNA (Royal Neighbors of America). You’ll be able to contract 100% online.