Liberty Bankers Life Contracting [10 Reasons You Have to Sell Them]

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On our turnkey final expense platform, Liberty Bankers is one of our top carrier choices for selling final expense life insurance over the phone.

10 Great Reasons to Consider Selling Liberty Bankers Life Insurance

Reason #1Pricing Is Competitive. If your client can qualify for the SIMPL Preferred Plan, Liberty Bankers Life will likely come in ranked #1 in monthly premium for your client for coverage amounts ranging up to 30K.

This is a big-time advantage when selling over the phone.

Consumers want the lowest price possible, and with Liberty Bankers Life you can give them just that. Even if your client can only qualify for the Standard Pricing, the monthly premiums are still in the top 5-7 for all final expense carriers.

Reason #2- Preferred and Standard Plans Are Both Day 1 Level Coverage. Having an option for individuals with some health concerns to still qualify for day 1 coverage is a nice advantage.

The prices are slightly elevated on the Standard plan opposed to the Preferred plan, but overall, both options are competitive with pricing and having this option in general, opens more doors to your prospects to securing coverage even with some high risk or concerning health issues.


Reason #3- Excellent With COPD. If your client does not use a nebulizer, Liberty Bankers is the most forgiving carrier when it comes to COPD underwriting. They are one of the few options/carriers that can still qualify an applicant for day 1 coverage with COPD.

Reason #4- Liberty Bankers Will Accept Felons (2 Years Out). Liberty Bankers will accept felons if two years have passed since the time of the crime. Not only will they accept it, but they will accept it on the Preferred Level 1st day coverage.

This is a unique underwriting niche that no other final expense carriers currently offer.

Reason #5-The Standard Plan Underwriting is Fantastic. Liberty Bankers Life really shows its unique underwriting capabilities with the Standard plan. With this plan, your client will still be accepted for immediate coverage up to 30K.

Here’s a look at some health conditions you can get approved with ease.

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Chronic Hepatitis
  • Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis of The Liver
  • Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Liver Disease
  • Kidney Disease
  • Insulin After the Age of 25
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Systemic Lupus (SLE)
  • Epileptic Seizures
  • Parkinson’s Disease

Reason #6- Perfect and Easy Application Process for Telesales. Liberty Bankers Life offers one of the most straightforward application processes for internet-based life insurance agents.

You need to gather the information in the Teleapp Instructions,” and then you can live transfer to POSTI for an instant decision.

An approval or decline will be issued at the end of the call. This gets you paid quickly and closes cases almost immediately.

This is a considerable boost your cash flow and gives you a nice leg up to get off to a fast start in the final expense telesales market.

Here’s a look at the “Teleapp Instructions” you will need to complete during the application process.

Reason #7- High Commissions for Agents.

  • Simplified Issue Preferred or Standard Day 1 Coverage- 115% Commission Year 1
  • Modified Whole Life (Graded Plan) 80% Commissions Day 1

Reason #8- 20% Discount on Annual Pay. Liberty Bankers Life currently offers 20% annual discounts to clients willing to pay their premiums on an annual basis. This is the biggest annual discounts we have seen with all the life insurance carriers, not just final expense companies.

Reason #9- Direct Express Is Available. Another positive characteristic of Liberty Bankers Life is that they do currently offer Direct Express to your clients as a payment option if they are between the ages of 40-80.

This is only available on the Standard and Modified Plans. Not the Preferred Plan.

Reason #10- The Modified Plan Exceeds 100% Payouts in Year 5. The modified plan with Liberty Bankers Life is also unique. The graded period breaks down in the following manner.

  • Year 1-3- Accidental Death= 100% Payout Eligible
  • Year 1-3- Other Cause of Death- Return of Premium Plus 10% Interest Earned
  • Year 4- Death Benefit is 100% Eligible Regardless of Cause of Death
  • Year 5- Death Benefit = 105% of the original Face Amount
  • Year 6 and Beyond- Death Benefit =110% of the original Face Amount

Liberty Bankers Life Product Specs and Information

The SIMPL Preferred, and Standard Plans are the policies you will want to focus on. To recap, the Preferred plan is the cheapest option available for your clients if they can qualify.

The standard plans are extremely valuable for the health conditions we covered previously.

SIMPLE and Preferred Plans Specs

  • 3,000-30,000- Minimum and Maximum Coverage Amounts
  • 18-80 Years Old for Male and Female- Minimum and Maximum Ages for Coverage
  • Offers for Smokers (Nicotine Users and Non-Smokers)

Underwriting Qualifications for SIMPL Plans with Liberty Bankers Life

  • Preferred Plan- Standard Through Table 6= Preferred Qualified
  • Standard Plan- Standard Through Table 10= Standard Qualified

Available Riders with Liberty Bankers Life

Liberty Bankers Life also offers some great rider additions for their SIMPL plans. Here’s a look at them.

  • Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB Rider)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider (AD&D)
  • Children’s Benefit Rider (CB)
  • Grandchild Benefit Rider (GB)

What Agents Love the Most about Liberty Bankers Life?

Out of all the top 10 reasons we have already listed, the thing we hear most final expense telesales agents report back to us that they love most about Liberty Bankers Life is the opportunity for lightning-quick approvals, the ability to get paid promptly (increasing cash flow) and the fact they have such great underwriting niches.

All these factors can give you an excellent opportunity to get your final expense telesales business off on the right track and get cash flow pumping back into your business quickly.

A win-win for everyone involved.

Liberty Bankers Life Contracting

If you’re considering contracting with Liberty Bankers Life, be sure to see the email instructions at the bottom of the post.

We can make it easy and hassle-free for you and offer top level street commissions. The entire process can be completed online in about 5-10 minutes.

In addition, don’t forget about the conservation team who will be calling on your client’s missed payments and pending lapses. This keeps more business on the books for you free of charge and keeps you focused on the task that matters the most.

  • Selling and finding the next interested prospect.

Lastly, we do pay lead bonuses when you issue 5 apps in one week with Liberty Bankers Life and give you full access to our in-house generated final expense leads (exclusive leads).

After you submit your first app within 30 days of receiving a contracting number with Liberty Bankers Life, we will also give you a $100-dollar lead bonus. In the final expense telesales business, you need two things. Leads and cash flow.

Liberty Bankers will help with the cash flow, and we will get you moving with inbound interested leads.

It’s time to take your business to the next level. What are you waiting for?

If interested in a contract, please email and request our contracting link for Liberty Bankers.  You’ll be able to contract 100% online.