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Some of Our Final Expense Carriers

American Amicable
Royal Neighbors of America
Mutual of Omaha
Prosperity Life
Liberty Bankers
Greek Catholic Union
Great Western
Gerber Life
TV leads have changed the game and how our agents continue to write business day in and day out.

It’s the highest quality lead we have ever generated. Period.

Our prospects are watching a tv commercial about final expense life insurance, becoming interested and calling YOU.

The opportunity is MASSIVE for agents to write final expense life insurance business consistently.

Not to mention, the average annual premium on cases from TV leads has been $1200.00 over a 10 month period of data and anayltics.

Crazy right? We thought so too.

Agents are having the best months of their FE careers working these leads.

But why?  3 core reasons:

1) Seniors are seeing a commercial that we produced in house and becoming interested in final expense life insurance and CALLING YOU. No outbound dialing. You are simply speaking to interested consumers all day long.

2) The creatives used in our TV commercials is specifically planting the seed to the senior market that coverage up to $35,000 is available making seniors interested in MAX coverage resulting in higher premium cases and more money in your pocket.

3) Our creatives do NOT advertise and glamourize some of the typical “language” you see with final expense leads such as “TAX FREE” or “STATE PROGRAMS”. Our tv leads are generated using transparent marketing making consumers ready to move forward right away.

Since our inception, we’ve never seen this big of a spike in contact rates and conversions to sale. We are talking about 18-31% sales rates on connected calls.

While most of the agents are still working internet based leads, we are changing the game and developing these high quality TV leads and are now trying to scale.

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