AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Contracting [Top 10 Reasons To Write Them]

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AIG guaranteed issue life insurance is the #1 selling guaranteed issue carrier for independent agents because of the pricing and ease of doing business.  With this product you’ll be able to be lower than all the guaranteed issue products you see on TV like Colonial Penn.

With full transparency, the only product that beats AIG GI in pricing (under $15,000) is Mutual of Omaha and independent agents can’t write that product – consumers have to go directly there.  So for independent agents, picking up an AIG Guaranteed Issue contract is crucial when you have prospects that can’t qualify for your tradition life insurance or final expense products.

On our final expense telesales system, AIG gets the majority of our guaranteed issue business.

Top 10 Reasons To Sell AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Reason 1: Competitive Premiums – AIG consistently comes in lower than their competitors.

AIG really shines with the clients that want basic coverage for their final expenses or need to keep the premiums as low as possible. AIG has the lowest premiums for coverage at and below $15,000.

Reason 2: An Easy Application – AIG’s GI policy has a fast and extremely straightforward application that is easy for both the agent and the client to understand. This will limit how many of your clients get frustrated with the application process and give up before you can get to the end.

The entire application takes about 10-15 minutes depending on whether or not the client wants the disclosure forms read to them.

Reason 3: Recognizable name – AIG is a household name. You won’t have to spend as much time explaining who AIG is and building that trust with the client if they have heard of the carrier you are presenting to them. This leaves more time open to describe the VALUE that this particular policy will provide for them.

Reason 4: Guaranteed to be approved – Great for clients with medical concerns that would not be able to obtain coverage elsewhere. Such as, current cancer, HIV/AIDS, or Dialysis.There are no medical exams, prescription history checks, or requested medical records!

Reason 5: Issues in 2 business days in most cases – Since you don’t have to worry about medical records, prescription history, and MVR reports, your cases will often get placed in the same week they are written. This makes for a happy client impressed with the great service and a happy agent that doesn’t have to wait for commissions!

Reason 6: Accepts Debit/Credit cards -AIG will accept recurring card payments. No need to worry if the client doesn’t have a checking or savings account.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose this option, AIG will pull the initial premium immediately. However, you can still choose which day of the month future payments come out of the account.

Reason 7: Mobile-friendly signing process – AIG’s GI app is able to be signed electronically on all mobile devices. This means you don’t have to chase down signatures as you wait for the insured to have access to a compatible device. The insured can sign while you are still on the phone!

Reason 8: AIG doesn’t mail out their GI policies so you don’t have to worry about getting that paper policy to your client. Once issued, all policies will be electronically delivered through email for the client to download and print themselves if they would prefer. If the client would prefer to receive a paper copy of their policy from AIG, it is a simple process to request it to be mailed.

Reason 9: Living Benefits included at no additional cost. If the insured is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness after the policy goes in force, he or she will be able to receive some money from their policy. If your client is diagnosed with a chronic illness, AIG will return all of premiums that had been paid into the policy. If your client is diagnosed with a terminal illness, AIG will pay out up to 50% of the death benefit as an acceleration.

Reason 10: AIG offers a wide variety of life insurance products in addition to the Guaranteed Issue product. While some clients will need a Guaranteed Issue, it is likely that their family members may qualify for a different type of policy. Getting contracted with AIG means that you don’t have to worry about family members cancelling their loved one’s Guaranteed Issue policy because their current carrier has something similar. If they qualify, you can get the entire family protected with one carrier and reduce the risk of second-guessing or shopping around!

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Overview

AIG is a household name and for good reason – founded in 1919, AIG has consistently maintained their reputation of great service, competitive premiums, and quality products. AIG has an “A” (excellent) rating with AM Best, an “A+” rating with S&P Outlook, and an “A2” rating with Moody’s Outlook. AIG is headquarters in New York City, New York but writes most products in all 50 states.

Policy Overview:

AIG’s Guaranteed Issue policy offers coverage for insureds between the ages of 50 and 85 and coverage amounts between $5,000 and $25,000. This policy also includes riders at no additional charge such as their Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. AIG’s Guaranteed Issue policy is available in every state except New York (including Washington D.C.).

What agents are saying about AIG GI

“It is great to be able to tell a client that I CAN find them coverage when everyone else told them they are uninsurable. The graded period is no big deal when the only other option is nothing at all!”

“Even though they are supposed to be the simplest option, not all GI apps are easy. I never have to worry about my client losing interest or having to hang up mid-app with AIG. 15 minutes and we are done with the entire thing! Then I can go on with my day and close more sales!”

“I love having guaranteed issue cases – although I always try my best to get the clients level coverage, that isn’t always an option. It’s great to have this in my back pocket and even better to know that my commission is not going to be delayed by underwriting.”

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Commissions

All agents should be at 80% commissions with a 50% advance available.  That’s the max you can get without a significant amount of production with them.

If you already have an AIG guaranteed issue writing number, you can dual contract – meaning you can have a second writing number with us to take advantage of the bonus above.

If interested in a contract, please email and request our contracting link for AIG GI.  You’ll be able to contract 100% online.

It’s our #1 selling guaranteed issue life insurance product and believe everyone should have access to it.