Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Contracts

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Gerber has been a staple in the final expense life insurance business. With guaranteed issue life insurance products coming and going, Gerber has stayed around for the long term. While they’re not the cheapest, they’re certainly in the top tier of guaranteed issue life insurance rates nation-wide. Especially for $15,000 coverage amounts and up where AIG starts to become more expensive.

It’s a favorite company of the tenured life insurance agents who use Gerber as their go-to guaranteed issue life insurance carrier no matter what because of their ease of doing business with and stellar policyholder service support. Many of our high volume producing agents selling final expense life insurance over the phone prefer Gerber over all the other guaranteed issue carriers.

Top Reasons Gerber Life Is Worth Getting Contracted With

Reason One: Gerber offers coverage with Guaranteed Issue policies in New York! As an agent, it can be difficult to find carriers that will cover your New York clients – especially those that have underwriting concerns. Gerber’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy will get you excited about writing final expense policies in New York again!

Reason Two: Gerber’s e-app is fast and painless, taking only about 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the application the client will choose a security question and answer that they will use to confirm their identity in the e-signature email. This extra step provides an added level of comfort and security for the client and only takes the agent a minute to set up.

Reason Three: The Guaranteed Issue policy typically goes in force in 2-3 business days. Gerber processes policies and premium payments quickly which means that you can assure your client that their policy will go in force within days – not weeks!

Reason Four: Gerber’s Guaranteed Issue policy does not have any medical underwriting questions. The only questions on the application are to confirm a client’s identity and beneficiaries.

Reason Five: Many seniors have a Social Security debit card that they use to pay for all of their expenses. This can be a challenge when facing the growing number of insurance companies that will only accept checking or savings accounts for premium payments. Thankfully, Gerber accepts debit and credit cards not just for the initial premium – but for all premium payments. Instead of having to wait for your client to get a bank account or worse, losing a client over something so small, you will be prepared for this situation with Gerber’s Guaranteed Issue plan.

Reason Six: These days, many seniors are using smartphones to check their email and enjoy the convenience this allows. Unfortunately, not all life insurance carriers have caught up with the trend and made their e-signature emails mobile-friendly.

Reason Seven: Gerber is arguably one of the most well-known life insurance carriers. While most people think of the Gerber baby – you can use this to remind the client that Gerber is a household name that they know and trust.

Reason Eight: Gerber has very competitive premiums compared to other guaranteed issue products, especially when the client is looking for higher coverage amounts. While they are not always the lowest premium on the board, they definitely hold their own compared to some other big-name carriers.

Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Product Overview

Gerber’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy offers coverage for insureds between the ages of 50 and 80 years old with policy face amounts between $5k-$25k (maximum of $15k in South Dakota).

Carrier Overview:

Gerber Life was founded in 1967 as a subsidiary of Gerber, the baby food company (founded in 1927). While many people think of the Gerber baby when they hear the company name, it is important that your clients know that Gerber has a rich life insurance history, as well. Gerber maintains an “A” (excellent) rating with AM Best, illustrating their strong financial standing.

What agents are saying about Gerber Life

“Having a guaranteed issue product in New York has been incredible. There are so few carriers that write there and I was losing so much business. For the first time in years I feel like having my license in NY is worthwhile again…”

“Even those skeptical clients perk up when they hear me bring up Gerber Life. They have been hearing the name Gerber their whole lives and it gives me a little more credibility in their minds. Then I follow it up with the great parts of the policy and they are sold. Easy!”

Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Contracting and Commissions

The top level contract for Gerber guaranteed issue life insurance is 60%. Not much, we know…but it’s the highest contract you can get out there without significant production or a downline.  There is no dual contracting with Gerber which means you can only have one writing number.

Gerber pays their commissions as-earned.

We have online contracting available for Gerber Life.  After you get a contract number (usually around a week after submitting), you’ll get access to their e-app system. You’ll also get access to their other products like the children’s whole life insurance policy called the Grow Up Plan.

To contract with us, email for a contracting link for Gerber Life insurance and we’ll send one right over.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or schedule a call with us.