About Us

DigitalBGA is a data driven, technology forward Brokerage General Agency (BGA) that connects independent life insurance agents with the best technology, leads, training, processes and products available for telesales.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve your professional and personal life so profoundly, you couldn’t imagine doing business any other way.

Our Team

The DigitalBGA team is the heart and soul of this organization. We love Amazon.com, our dogs, the freedom of working remotely and being part of the future of work within the life insurance industry.

Together, we’ve built alliances throughout the industry and we’re actively advocating for deeper integrations with carriers, better processes and products for the telesales life insurance agent.

With our collective knowledge, experience, skills and use of advanced technologies – we’re the best distributed life insurance team in the world. (We’re not even kidding)

Managing Partners


Jeff Root

Managing Partner


Nic West

Managing Partner



Kim Walsh

Director of Operations


Josh Martin

Director of Marketing

Agent Success


Brian Moody

Senior Brokerage Manager


Sandy Benson

Term Life Platform Manager


Aaron Arenbart

Medicare Director


JD Laguerre

National Sales Director


Alyse Novetti

Brokerage Manager


Sofia Sanchez

Executive Assistant


Julia Whitfield

Onboarding Specialist


Kim Dunn

Onboarding Specialist



David Scarzone

Digital Media Manager


Leslie Morales

Quality Assurance Manager


Heidi Mertlich

Recruiting Coordinator

New Business


Jen Silveira

Project Manager



Ali Murr

Contracting Supervisor


Maggie Naranjo

Contracting Assistant



Diane Kelly

Commissions Supervisor


Brittany Waters

Commissions Assistant

Case Managers


Marion Henden

Senior Case Manager


Alex Rodriguez

Application Specialist


Ashley Ross

New Business Assistant


Cassie Woodrin

Case Manager

Charlotte Team


Trent Terrell

Director of Sales and Agent Success


LaToya Holley

Office Coordinator


Vincent Blanchett

Client Success Representative Manager


Brent Lahti

Inside Sales Agent


Brittany White

Inside Sales Agent


Brook Coyne

Inside Sales Agent


Camryn Anderson

Inside Sales Agent


Christina Jamison

Inside Sales Agent


Telor Miller

Inside Sales Agent


Tyler Jacobson

Inside Sales Agent


Brian Jones

Inside Sales Agent


Dimtri Nobles

Inside Sales Agent


Alexandria Oliver

Inside Sales Agent


Tina Thiam

Inside Sales Agent


Juan Delduarte

Inside Sales Agent


Tee Saifele

Client Success Representative


Kiya Matthews

Client Success Representative


Amanda Allen

Client Success Representative