Our Competitive Advantage

Digital Senior Benefits is a final expense telesales platform.

We’ve built the infrastructure needed to simplify the final expense telesales process all on one cohesive platform.

Currently our platform has these core features:

  • Click to call within the CRM. You can login and make calls from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Queue based dialing. We display the next best lead to call. You simply click down a list to make calls. Your daily goal is to make sure there’s no calls left in your queue.
  • Automated emails and texts that go out as new leads come in and you attempt to make contact with your leads.
  • Lead posting directly in your call queue. You can buy our high quality leads at our cost to generate them or post your own into the system.
  • 1-Click Quoting. Get quotes directly within the lead file without subscribing to other comparison services or having to use another app. Your lead’s DOB and other information will auto-populate into the quoting software.
  • Field Underwriting Engine. Simply type in a health condition or medication and get results on what carrier will accept – INSTANTLY.
  • Conservation team. Our team will call on any NSF’s or pending lapses to help keep your persistency higher. We get feeds from the carriers daily and our team works them on your behalf.
  • Real-Time Dashboards so you can visually see your pipeline, overall ROI and commissions.
  • Training. Recorded, on-demand training and a final expense coach to help you sell more final expense life insurance over the phone.
  • High commission levels. Depending on the carrier, we start agents at 110%-115%

On top of this, we are constantly pushing out new updates based on user feedback.

So what do these features mean to you?

  1. You’ll contact more leads resulting in more sales opportunities.
  2. You’ll have access to high quality, low cost leads combined with high street level commissions resulting in a very high ROI
  3. Simplicity. Everything you need is at your fingertips on a single platform.

About Us

Why build Digital Senior Benefits?

We found that final expense telesales is the most legible path to quick profitability for an agent.

The leads are plentiful, inexpensive and if you sell a policy today, you’ll have money in your account by the next week, sometimes the next day.

And that’s important because the #1 reason agents don’t make it in this business is because they don’t have enough runway from when they spend money on a lead to when the commission deposit hits their account.

Another reason we built Digital Senior Benefits is there’s not a single organization developing technology to help final expense telesales agents write more business.

When you combine our obsession with developing technology and processes to help you sell more final expense life insurance with how well final expense cash flows as a business – we make final expense telesales agents unstoppable.

The People

Nic West, Managing Partner

Nic started our Austin based final expense call center from scratch. He optimized the processes, leads and scripting to build the Digital Senior Benefits platform.  Nic designed the platform from this final expense call center experience and took it from concept stage to launch and proved that with our sales automation software, leads and training – anyone can be profitable with final expense telesales.

Before Digital Senior Benefits, Nic sold over 5,000 life insurance policies over the phone and is co-founder of NinjaQuoter – a life insurance comparison software.

Jeff Root, Managing Partner

Jeff manages the carrier relationships and organizes all the training.  Jeff, along with Nic manage the lead generation campaigns and quality control of the Digital Senior Benefits leads.

Prior to Digital Senior Benefits, Jeff wrote over 3,000 life insurance clients over the phone as an agent. He wrote the book “The Digital Life Insurance Agent” and hosts the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast (on iTunes, Stitcher or online)which each teach agents how to market online and sell over the phone.

Brian Moody, Final Expense Sales Coach

Brian came to us after coaching a team at Transamerica selling final expense. He’s transitioned to telesales and after crushing his first few months selling final expense over the phone, he’s been helping agents do the same.

Under Brian’s coaching, agents will get access to recorded sales calls of sales Brian has made. Make sure to ask him about his old bounty hunter days – he’s got some crazy stories!