Sentinel Security Life [9 Reasons To Contract With and Write Them]

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Having a strong, streamlined platform such as Digital Senior Benefits and having the correct companies to write and offer to your clients such as Sentinel Security Life is a recipe for success.

Our systems are streamlined and built for final expense telesales agents to experience more growth and success than any other platforms can currently offer.

9 Reasons to Contract with Sentinel Security Life Insurance

Reason #1- Easy to Use E-Application Portal. When working final expense telesales, it’s essential that you find carriers that have streamlined processes that can quickly be completed over the phone.

Closing the sale from start to finish when working remotely is critical to your business. Sentinel Security Life provides an easy to use E-application process that can allow you to complete the entire process in roughly 20-30 minutes. This includes the following.

  • Final Signatures
  • Payment Information
  • All Medically Related Questions

Carriers that have adjusted to accommodate the digital life insurance agents make writing and placing business lucrative and easy. Sentinel Security happens to be one of those companies with the processes in place to make the transition into final expense telesales that much easier.

Reason #2- Sentinel Security Life has Fantastic Underwriting Niches. Sentinel Security Life has some very attractive and unique underwriting niches. Currently, you can still offer your clients coverage, even if they have the following health concerns.

  • Oxygen Use
  • A-Fib
  • Diabetics (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cigar and Pipe Users Are Considered Non-Tobacco

Having these options when you run into clients with these concerns is a huge advantage. Many clients would be under the impression they won’t qualify at all or if they do, a waiting period would be the only option. Not with Sentinel Security Life.

Offering this to clients with these conditions can help make the sales process much more manageable.

Reason #3-Affordable Plans for Your Clients And One of the Cheapest Options. Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company will always be one of the top 3 cheapest rates displayed for individuals looking for final expense coverage.

When working final expense telesales, this is a huge boost. Many consumers are in the market to price shop and speak to multiple agents. If you can come in at a lower price, you have a good chance at building rapport and completing the sale with less resistance.

Reason #4- Great Commissions for Agents. Currently, Sentinel Security Life is offering the following commission levels contracted with Digital Senior Benefits.

  • New Vantage 1 Level Benefits Age 0-75 110% 1st Year- 75% Advance
  • New Vantage 1 Level Benefits Ages 76-80 90% 1st Year- 75% Advance
  • New Vantage 1 Level Benefits Ages 81-85 70% 1st Year- 75% Advance
  • New Vantage 1 Graded Ages 45-75 85% 1st Year- 75% Advance
  • New Vantage 1 Graded Ages 76-85 70% 1st Year- 75% Advance
  • New Vantage 1 Modified Ages 45-75 70% 1st Year- 75% Advance
  • New Vantage 1 Modified Ages 76-85 67.5 % 1st Year- 75% Advance

Reason #5- Easy Medical Background Questionnaire. Sentinel Security is another final expense life insurance carrier that makes the medical background portion of the application process very easy for the agents and the clients.

It’s a 3-part medical questionnaire that’s only a combined total of 7 questions with a few follow up questions mixed in. If your client can make it through each part answering the questions “no” they will be able to qualify for level benefits vantage 1 plan.

If, however, they answer yes to a medical question, it’s quick and easy for the agent to recognize that they may need to pivot to the graded or modified plan or search for a better carrier in general.

Reason #6- No Age Limitations (For the Most Part). Sentinel Security Life is one of the few final expense telesales companies that offer coverage from ages 0-75. This means that you can effectively bypass the age range of individuals who typically fall out of the industry standard of age 45-85.

It opens the doors to more clients and sales and gives you an affordable option to offer clients who may fall into a younger age bracket. A huge positive feature to have available when you are making final expense sales over the phone.

Reason #7- Nice Selection of Available Riders on FE Plans. Sentinel Security also offers an excellent range of riders that can be added to the final expense plans. Some of the riders they offer include the following.

  • Waiver of Premium Rider
  • Accidental Death Insurance Rider
  • Children’s Protection Rider

Reason #8- Lucrative Graded Period Compared to Other Carriers. Very similar to Royal Neighbors of America and Liberty Bankers Life Insurance, Sentinel Security offers a graded period that’s not the typical return of premium plus interest earned.

Instead, they provide the following breakdown of coverage for the graded final expense plans.

Year 1- 30% of Face Amount Available

Year 2- 70% of Face Amount Available

Year 3 and Beyond- 100% of Face Amount Available

Individuals who are hesitant to purchase life insurance because they fear passing away during the waiting period can rest assured that they will still be afforded coverage in some form if they happen not to make it past the designated waiting period.

Reason #9- Single Premium Options for Clients. Another unique feature that Sentinel Security Life Offers its clients on final expense plans is the ability for them to pay the premiums in one lump sum payment. If they have the cash and don’t prefer monthly payments, you can switch to single premium mode.

Never worry about a lapsed policy again when the policy has been paid in full at the end of the original sale.

Why Agents Love Writing Business with Sentinel Security Life

Having the lowest price option or one of the lowest price options available to the client when conducting final expense telesales is always a big boost. Agents love having this option. Selling value is still more important than selling price but having the lowest price option surely helps.

Additionally, the unique underwriting niches Sentinel Security Life can accommodate is another big positive we hear agents report to us. Having the ability to find individuals coverage that have the medical conditions we discussed previously is a significant benefit to have available if needed.

Let Digital Senior Benefits Help Grow Your Business!

With Digital Senior Benefits, don’t forget about or Conservation team we have in place. We will have our team call your clients and handle missed payments and pending lapses.

At the end of the day, this keeps more business on the books, produces more income for you and keeps you completing the most essential task.

Selling more new business!

Digital Senior Benefits does provide lead bonuses when you issue 5 apps in one week with Sentinel Security Life Insurance and will give you full access to our in-house generated final expense leads that are 100% exclusive to you.

After you submit your first app within 30 days of receiving a contracting number with Sentinel Life Insurance, we will also provide you with a $100.00-dollar lead bonus.

If you are new to final expense telesales and curious why we offer this, it’s purely because we know that cash flow and inbound interested leads are the lifeblood of the business and we want to help any way we can.

What are you waiting for?

Interested in Contracting with Sentinel Security Life? Here’s How!

If you are interested in contracting with Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company drop us an email at  Request a link to contract with us, and you can take care of the entire process online. It only takes a few minutes.