Is Selling Final Expense Life Insurance Lucrative? [Produce More Cash]

A lot of individuals across the United States are currently debating to themselves what to do next in their lives. The world is shifting to remote work very quickly, and more individuals than ever are making full-time incomes while staying in the comfort of their own home.

While sitting at your cubicle working and picturing how you hate your boss and hate working 9-5 every day, you may be wondering to yourself, what else is out there for me?

What else could I do to replace my income and take control of my life, time and income?

That’s when selling final expense life insurance remotely can come into the picture. A question that frequently arises about this position is simple. Is selling final expense life insurance lucrative? After working as a remote agent and selling various forms of life insurance over the phone, here is what I can tell you.

So, is selling final expense life insurance lucrative? Yes, selling final expense life insurance is lucrative. It can be very lucrative. Top final expense life insurance agents make over 6 figures per year easily while completing all transactions from their home. Other final expense life insurance agents still make full-time incomes but may choose to work fewer hours or produce less than 100,000 during the year.

While making 100,000 or well over isn’t necessarily that difficult to do selling final expense life insurance over the phone, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Setting yourself up for success requires some key ingredients to be in place for you to ultimately dominate in this market.

Let’s touch on some more of this information and see if we can get you fired up for the next career move in your life.

More on Selling Final Expense Life Insurance and The Income Potential.

Like I stated before, selling final expense life insurance over the phone can be very lucrative. When selling life insurance, your pay is typically commission structured. This simply means that when you produce and make sales, you get paid.

With final expense life insurance, the commissions are very high in most cases. Sometimes over 100% of the annual premium such as 105 %, 110% or 115%. What does this mean exactly?

Well, the average final expense case is right around the 750-800.00-dollar annual premium mark. This means that for every case you successfully sell, you will be paid 750.00 to 800.00 in a commission.

Now let’s imagine if you were even selling 4-5 of these policies per week. This can quickly add up and add up big. 4-5 policies per week working in final expense life insurance would net you over 100,000 per year.

It Won’t Necessarily Be All Sunshine and Butterflies on Day 1

While the income we just touched on may sound fantastic and it is 100% possible, I don’t want to mislead you. In the beginning, you can have some growing pains involved with learning the ropes of final expense telesales.

You will have to learn the technology and how to find the most reputable final expense carriers for your clients. You also need to learn some basic phone skills in relation to building rapport and trust with your clients.

For individuals with a strong work ethic and the motivation to make more money and provide a better lifestyle, this doesn’t take long to learn. Often these skills can be developed in the first few weeks of making phone calls and attempting to make sales.

Point being, you may not sell 3,4 or even 5 policies per week in the beginning, but if you hang in there and continue to develop your skills, you can certainly reach that point and double your income compared to your previous career.

The Cost for Selling Final Expense Life Insurance is Lower Than You Think

Some people often think that if you can make this much money, there has to be some significant catch. Well, there isn’t. It requires an internet connection, the ability to make phone calls over that internet connection and a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) along with quality leads and some state licenses.

Hi-Speed Internet you are likely already paying for, and a CRM from any reputable agency will be provided at no cost. So far, you have two of these requirements eliminated from your cost out of pocket.

A few other costs do remain that sometimes puts a little shock on new individuals wanting to pursue this career. I’m referring to the state licensing fees and the cost of leads and marketing. What are these exactly?

Well, to have the ability to handle high-quality leads in large quantities, you will want to be licensed in multiple states, but it’s not 100% necessary to have all these states purchased on day 1.

Having a valid life insurance license in all these states can add up, but that’s also part of owning your business and controlling your time and income. Each state may run you anywhere between 75.00 dollars and 250.00 dollars depending on the States you choose to license in.

Why Would I Need All of These States Instead of Just My Own State?

Well, we aren’t trying to make a small amount of money in most circumstances. We want to work from home and make final expense insurance very lucrative. To do this, you need high-quality leads and not to be selective on where these leads are located.

When you have this ability, you can take more inbound leads and not worry about your sales pipeline drying up on you.

In more simple terms, the more states you are licensed in, the more leads you can take because leads do come in all hours of the day from various channels such as Search Engine Optimization leads or (leads from google search results), and Social Media driven leads such as Facebook, etc.

Individuals looking for final expense life insurance agent that you are currently attempting to sell do not care what time it is or where you are located. High-quality leads can come in all hours of the day from all over the United States.

To make more money, it’s always recommended to expand your possibilities of who you can market too which leads us to our final cost associated with selling final expense life insurance over the phone.

Leads Also Will Cost You Out of Pocket Funds

Leads are your last large purchase that’s required to do well in this industry. The trick to minimizing this cost is to begin understanding cash flow and how it works. Reputable agencies that will contract you can help explain and mentor you on this.

Your goal is to start with what’s affordable for you and begin making sales. However, to build your business, you need to start reinvesting these funds into new leads just like any other business would reinvest for new inventory and marketing expenses.

This is how you continue to drive your income and create a well-oiled machine. Trust me, once you make a few sales on high-quality leads, you won’t be hesitant to dump money back into your business.

I was hesitant just like you may be, but that faded quickly, and I realized the more high-quality leads I could call, the more money I ultimately made.

But why is this?

The Margins Are Huge Between Leads Purchased and Final Expense Policies Sold

Let’s assume you work with a reputable agency that develops and creates their final expense leads in house. Typically, these are the highest quality leads, you know the source, and they may run you anywhere from 13-17.00 dollars apiece.

Let’s further assume that only 1 out of 20 of these leads purchase a life insurance policy from you. 5% is low but a good number to illustrate my example with.

This means that you spent 300.00 dollars to earn 800.00 or more. Now let’s assume you begin to scale this and build the cash flow to make this a repeatable process. This is when you start making big incomes and controlling your life.

An Example of Bigger Month in Final Expense Life Insurance Telesales

Now, let’s take everything we have learned this far into this post and scale it a bit to show you a more significant example. Let’s say you use the same 5% sale or placement rate, but you purchase 200 leads for the month (this is relatively low as well once you get going). Agents working full time can handle 500 plus exclusive leads.

200 Leads Cost= 3000.00 (Average)
200 Leads Placement or Sales %= 5%= 10 Sales
10 Sales x 800 Annual Premium x 100%= 8000.00 Revenue

Alright. These are also not extremely good numbers. First 200 leads you could handle in a week or two. Additionally, as you get better, you will likely close over 5% of your calls. Hey, even if you don’t, you just made 5,000.00 for the month, and final expense life insurance policies pay very quickly.

Sometimes the same day or the next day once the application is complete and approved.

A Strong Agency Can Help You Learn Marketing

Let’s also not forget this is only considering if you rely on your agency your entire career to provide you with leads. If you take the time and invest in yourself and have an active, reputable Agency such as Digital Senior Benefits that wants to see you succeed, you can begin learning your own marketing and developing your skills.

Could you imagine how lucrative final expense sales would be if you take the low numbers, we just mentioned but no longer pay 3,000.00 to make the calls?

Well, that’s the name of the game of my friends, and it’s 100% possible. Primarily when you work under the right people who take an active interest in your needs and success.

Take it from me. I’ve been there. I’ve spent 10,000 plus a month on leads to scale my business. I also took the time to learn my own marketing channels and try my best always to further my knowledge and grow.

If you do the same, selling final expense life insurance can really be a game changer in your life.

Final Word. Final Expense Life Insurance Telesales Can Be Extremely Lucrative

Look. I get it. I understand the hesitation. I was working one of the most comfortable secure jobs possible for nearly 8 years at my Local Sheriff’s Department making a stable income. It was also a job that you would have to do something incredibly stupid ever to feel as if your position was at risk.

However, I wasn’t happy, and I wanted more income, and I wanted to grow and develop new skills.

So, I did. Sure, sometimes you have a rough spot and things do come up but overall, I can tell you that my income was higher and the amount of knowledge I’ve developed in a short amount of time is something I’d never regret and if, given a chance to repeat the process, I would do it the exact same way.

If you hate your job or haven’t considered selling final expense life insurance over the phone, it’s an opportunity that can truly provide freedom, higher incomes and take you down a path you didn’t expect (in a good way)

It does take some discipline, drive, and hunger to succeed but if you possess that and you have contemplated taking this approach to a new career, I will advocate and say to make the jump and put the pieces in motion.

If you are selling other forms of life insurance or simply want to learn more about this career opportunity, be sure to email us at We would love to give you a demo of a true turnkey platform that can skyrocket your sales and your final expense careers.