Starting A Career in Final Expense Telesales [7 Overlooked Benefits]

Deciding to make a career change can be intimidating. I don’t think anyone can argue that. Selling final expense life insurance over the phone is a career path that’s growing rapidly, and many individuals are taking advantage of the opportunity. On the flip-side, many are hesitant to jump head first into the action and are fearful of how hard the transition may be.

It’s not that bad.

What I can tell you is that many individuals are missing a golden opportunity. Especially those of you with any experience working remotely and working over the phone. Sure, it takes some patience in the beginning while you learn the ropes. However, selling final expense life insurance remotely and over the phone presents often overlooked perks and benefits.

Here are 7 things that make a career change into selling final expense life insurance better than you may believe.

#1- It’s Easier Than You May Think

Many agents fear a transition into this career because they think it will be too difficult and entail a long learning curve to learn the senior market and believe that building rapport may be more difficult.

I couldn’t disagree more. I do agree that it takes time to learn to products, underwriting niches, and effective scripting and outlines.

On the flip side, from my own experience, this happens faster than you may think. Final expense life insurance is straightforward to learn from a product standpoint. It’s a simple product designed to be lower coverage amounts for a very specific need. It’s also issued/approved much faster than traditional life insurance products.

Additionally, final expense products are typically very black and white with their underwriting guidelines. Yes or no questions asked by the agent will be enough to determine eligibility for individual companies and certain final expense products.

Compared to selling other forms of life insurance over the phone such as term, final expense is a walk in the park. Agents seem to be shying away from selling final expense for no good reason except fear.

#2- You Get Paid Quickly

Getting paid is what we are all looking for. If you have sold any other forms of life insurance in the past, you would agree that this can be one of the more frustrating parts of the equation. Long underwriting times on traditional policies can leave you not getting paid for several months in some circumstances.

Selling final expense life insurance is an entirely different story. Final expense insurance is built around a quick issue and same day approvals in many circumstances. In other circumstances, the underwriting turn arounds are still very fast.

All you need to do to make more money selling final expense insurance is make more phone calls and become an effective goal setter. Once you do the work and walk a client through the proper needs analysis and complete an application, you can have money entering your bank account within 24 hours.

This is a significant upside of working remotely and selling final expense insurance and a reason many agents who currently work digitally now are making the switch over to final expense insurance as opposed to selling traditional term or other lines of insurance.

#3-The Potential Is Endless

Up next is something I know for a fact is overlooked too often. This isn’t because individuals don’t realize potential is there but the mere fact that agents get too comfortable with their income and production. This is a significant flaw and problem agents face because the income potential is truly endless.

Not to mention, other aspects of the business become unlimited with potential as well. You can grow your agency and build agents beneath you or even begin learning new marketing skills on your downtime to skyrocket your business and growth. Selling final expense life insurance will be what you put into it, and you genuinely forge your own path to the next level.

#4- It Can Be Fully Automated (Almost)

It’s 2019, and things are getting more and more streamlined every day. Selling final expense insurance is becoming simpler for agents every day. High-quality CRM’s can feed you your next best action and clients that need to be called in order based on priority and when a lead was received.

These CRM’s are also capable of sending out automated SMS text messages and emails as well to give you new approaches and new angles for contacting and touching clients in different ways to increase contact rate and efficiency.

Nearly anything you wish to implement into your business can now be streamlined and accomplished quickly. Entering this career can be easy, lucrative and give you a high chance of increasing your income.

All you need is the desire to make calls and create your new life and reach a new level of freedom.

#5-Controlling Your Time

Controlling your time when working in final expense telesales can be a good thing and a bad thing. For the agents who can handle this freedom, there is nothing better than controlling your own time and calendar. If you have obligations at certain times of the day, you can make your calls around that schedule and continue building your business.

However, some agents can’t quite handle this freedom and never truly take off to the level that they are capable of. Work ethic and hunger help solve this problem dramatically. For me, when I was making the calls and running my agency, this was one of the perks that I loved most.

#6- Controlling Your Location

They call this a remote opportunity for a reason. Controlling your calendar is one thing but don’t forget that anywhere you can get a decent connection to the internet will allow you to successfully make your outbound calls and makes sales. I’ve seen agents do this from other countries or even enjoying a night in a big city such as Chicago or LA.

It’s tough to find anywhere these days that doesn’t have offer WiFi, and even if you can’t, you can typically connect your laptop to a hotspot or another internet producing device. If you enjoy traveling and can still have the work ethic and motivation to put your business first, this is a massive benefit of working final expense telesales.

#7- The Opportunity to Build A Real Business

Outside of all the fun stuff like working from Mexico or choosing your hours, it’s often not discussed how big this can become for you. Working final expense telesales doesn’t need to be a 9-5 career working for someone else.

If you are contracted with the right Agency and have support, you can really start building a business that’s built to last. Sure, you will have some ups and downs along the way. However, final expense telesales not only pays you after your policy is in force and submitted but continues to pay you.

If you keep working hard and remaining motivated, you can keep boosting your income while growing your agency to perform even more each year. Many agents also remove themselves from the front line making the calls to oversee the agency while other agents make the calls beneath them.

It’s not necessarily an easy overnight task to build a digital life insurance business, but many do it, and many have done it in the past and so can you.

You just need to get started.

What Should You Do Next?

If you have been on the fence about beginning a career selling final expense life insurance over the phone, I recommend you start by choosing the correct agency to work with. Good agencies can provide one thing, but great agencies really stand out and make it easy for you to succeed.

For instance, at Digital Senior Benefits, you can use our custom proprietary CRM at no cost that automates nearly everything for you. This includes the next best calls to make, tapping into electronic application systems and even sends automated email and text messages for you.

Additionally, you always want to ensure you are finding the best possible contracts with the correct final expense carriers that are built for telesales. This will ensure that your learning curve is shorter and that you have the best chance possible to place business on the books.

Final Word, Don’t Underestimate this Rapidly Growing Career Opportunity

My main point I wanted to illustrate in this post is that this specific career opportunity is growing and it’s by no mistake. It’s growing for a reason, and it’s due to how much income and the potential it can provide while allowing you to remain in charge of your life and schedule. That’s what it’s all about.

If you are sick of your current position or working with an Agency that can’t deliver the tools you need to succeed, be sure to email us at

We would love to take the time to show you how our systems are really built to write more business and explain why we believe this is the best turnkey platform any final expense agent selling remotely can use to boost their income and their freedom.