Final Expense Telesales Platform Overview

The Digital Senior Benefits platform is an all-in-one system to make final expense telesales agents more profitable.

Combined with our in-house generated final expense leads and telesales training, we’re able to make agents with no telesales experience profitable quickly and veteran telesales agents even more profitable.

Here’s a small peak into our platform.  Schedule a call for a 1 on 1 demo if you’re interested in learning more.


In the Digital Senior Benefits platform, we have made it easy to see what is going on with your business right when you log in by displaying metrics on your dashboard.

You’ll know how many calls you need to make in this call session, how many new leads you have, how many leads you have left on your order as well as a glance of your pipeline and commissions earned. You’ll always have a pulse on your business the moment you log in.

Queue Based Calling

With queue based calling, let the system tell you what to do next. The platform is programmed to find the next most valuable lead to call and serves it up with priority. You simply click down your call call queue from top to bottom.  The calls are made within the platform to make it a smooth calling experience.

Behind the scenes these leads are getting automated SMS and email messages. You can send custom text messages and reply to all text messages within the platform (yes, seniors actually text!). You’ll be getting email replies and text replies daily from your leads.

For max efficiency, you never need to go into a lead file until you make a live contact. With over a decade of experience selling life insurance through other CRMs, we understand from a sales efficiency stand point that every click counts and with the Digital Senior Benefits platform, we make you do the least amount of clicking as possible.

Quoting and Instant Health Analyzer

All quoting and health analysis tools are right inside the client record of the platform. No more going to multiple 3rd party tools to quote and get answers to your questions.

For quoting, our platform pulls the date of birth, state, gender and coverage amount from the lead record for “1 click quoting”.  Again, we built this platform for sales efficiency.

For field underwriting, start typing an impairment into our Underwriting Response Engine and see how each carrier treats over 300 different conditions (medications will be added soon!).

Quickly go from quote to application with the click of a button. For the voice-sign carriers, we pre-loaded the transfer phone numbers so you simply click a button and it will 3-way a call to Apptical or the life insurance company with your client on the line. For e-sign carriers, we link the application url.


Reporting is crucial to knowing your business. You cannot grow until you know your numbers. The Digital Senior Benefits platform tells you exactly where you are in order to continue improving and becoming more profitable.

For any date range, you can see how many leads you’ve received and of those leads, see the:

1) Contact Made – If the percentage is low, you aren’t calling quickly enough or clearing your call queue multiple times daily.
2) Sales Made – If your sales percentage to contacts made is low, you need to work on your scripting and building rapport (we’ll help you with this).
3) In force – If your inforce percentage is low compared to sales, there’s a field underwriting issue

Compare your numbers month over month and you’ll see where your improving or need improvement.  We’ll provide the benchmarks on where you should be.

Your assigned coach (if you choose to work with one) will work with you to identify these areas to maximize your opportunities.

Lead Ordering

Order all your leads inside the Digital Senior Benefits platform with ease.  For an in-depth look at our leads, click here.

Here are some highlights of our lead ordering system:

1) Lead caps – on the order form under “Delivery Recommendations”, you can tell us the maximum amount of leads you want per hour, day, week or month.  So if you put 10 per day – we would deliver up to 10 leads a day in the states you’re licensed in, never any more than the amount you requested.

2) Automatic refill – this feature was built to help agents cash flow their business better.  It automatically refills your lead order so there’s never a gap in between lead orders.  What that means is you can order as little as 20 leads at a time, take 10 leads a day and not worry about your lead order running out.  Most agents taking 10-20 leads/daily purchase 100-200 at a time and front that lump sum – now you don’t have to do that anymore.

3) Connectivity – of course we deliver all the leads ordered with us into your account.  However, for those already working a lead source they love or generating their own leads, we’ll integrate and post those leads directly into our platform via HTTP post (most use this method). Each account has a lead posting URL.


Application Link

After a complete presentation with quotes, we found our application link to be very successful on term side of our business and it’s been equally as successful on our final expense side.

The “app link” as we call it, is the final expense company’s complete application in a format that your prospect can complete it online and on their own time. It’s designed professionally and will pull the saved data in the platform for the carrier, policy amount, monthly cost and of course your own contact information.

After the link is completed, the entire application gets sent to you and you either enter the data in the e-sign platform for the carrier…or follow up to complete a voice signature.

It’s perfect for those times when:

1) You can’t get a hold of your prospects after quoting them.
2) Those prospects who prefer email/text communication
3) Those who want to think about it and are in your follow up queue.
4) Your prospect is pressed for time and doesn’t have time to complete an application right now.

Our numbers internally, after a complete presentation show an astounding 26% of seniors complete this application link if it’s sent out in the 4 scenarios above.

We get emails all the time of agents getting these completed apps back


You have full control of all automated follow ups, emails or SMS messages being sent to your prospects to try and get them on the phone.

You can customize your own emails to send on the initial lead inquiry and follow attempts, or use our proven emails.

The platform comes preloaded with a very effective contact strategy, but feel free to take customization to new levels.