Final Expense Leads

DigitalBGA generates all of our leads internally. We don’t use 3rd party lead vendors who are incentivized to generate the lowest quality lead to maximize their own profits. Buying 3rd party leads is a recipe for mediocrity and typically failure.

We see the contact and sales data on every lead we generate. We scale the winners and cut the losers daily and it’s resulted in incredible returns for our agent partners.

We have 2 core leads to choose from.

1. Final Expense Call-Ins from TV ads – $60 per call

Direct call ins from national TV Ads directly to your home office. Simply toggle on in the CRM to be placed in the queue for the next consumer calling YOU.

DigitalBGA produces the commercials, runs the media and gets outstanding sales results. Average premium is between $1100-$1200 because of our proprietary ads that focus on the death benefit amount and not how cheap you can get it.

You’ve never worked a final expense lead with more intent than someone picking up the phone and calling in after seeing our ad.

Average closing percentage is 20% with our veteran agents closing 27%-33%+.

You must be licensed (or get licensed) in at least 12 states we’re running ads in. We have 4 state pods and the more pods you’re in, the shorter your wait time will be.

Simply put…these are the highest quality final expense leads in the industry.

2. TCPA Compliant Web Leads – $2 ea

TCPA compliant web leads that come with name, address, email and phone number.We only deliver leads to the states you’re licensed in.

90% of the leads have seen an ad online that says “Get up to $40,000 in Final Expense Whole Life Insurance with no exam”. The prospect then completes the form on that same page and submits it. 10% of leads will be seniors who see our commercials on TV or online and instead of calling in, go to our website and fill out a form.

These are all EXCLUSIVE leads (sold to no one else) and TCPA compliant. We get a Jornaya or Trusted Form certificate on EVERY form submitted. Which makes these the safest leads you can purchase as we can access a compliance report on every lead with prospect IP address, date/time stamped and even a snapshot video of the user filling out the form.

You order within the CRM and choose how many you want per day with the option of “auto-refill” so you always have a consistent flow of leads.

Expect a 23% contact rate on these leads. Agents are writing a range of 1% to 2.5%+ of these leads consistently. It’s dependent on activity and if you’re following our sales training. Even a 1% sales rate will be a $200 acquisition cost and VERY profitable

We set every order at 25 leads/day or more. Some days we’ll hit all 25, other days we won’t based on the performance of the marketing and how many states you’re taking leads in. To get started it’s a $900 investment for 450 leads.

Here’s the kicker. If you maintain a 1.4% closing ratio, we’ll still send you 25 leads/day for FREE. No reduction in commission either!

We’ll be completely upfront. You must be willing to make 100+ dials/day to make this work. And if you do, it will be a very profitable program for you.