Final Expense Leads

Never have to test a final expense lead source again

We test all our final expense leads internally before bringing them into the Digital Senior Benefits platform.

Best Final Expense Leads

We currently charge $12 for our “Flagship” lead – our telemarketed call back.  This is where our fronters call a lead, verify (1) an interest in final expense life insurance (2) an active checking account and (3) between the ages of 50-79.  You won’t find a higher converting telesales lead anywhere at this price-point.

We charge $300/mo to manage your Facebook Ads in your account and you set the daily budget (must be at least $50/day).  On the open market it costs $750/mo + 20% of ad spend for a good Facebook ads agency and we know exactly what to say and who to target.  This is the BEST alternative to buying Faceook leads.  You get all the inbound calls and know exactly what you’re ads say and can adjust the daily budget up and down yourself.  Average Facebook lead will run in the $4-$7 range for an ad that mentions life insurance and a cost for it (higher intent).

We also have live transfers and Search Engine/Pay Per Click leads described below.

We deliver all leads into our CRM in real-time.

In this summary of our final expense leads we’ll cover:

  • Why Our Final Expense Leads Are Different
  • Lead Type: Managed Facebook Campaigns
  • Lead Type: Telemarketed Call Backs
  • Lead Type: Search Engine/PPC
  • Lead Type: Live Transfers
  • Expected ROI

Why our final expense internet leads are different

Reason #1: We generate these leads internally.

This is critical because we’re always optimizing for quality.

With our platform, we track every sale to the lead source and adjust our campaigns accordingly.

This is very powerful and will only make our lead results better over time.

You also have certainty a quality lead source will always be there. Since we generate different types of leads – we’re not dependent on a single lead source.

For example, if Facebook changes the amount of data available to target or removes some important features we use that hurts pricing or quality, we’re well diversified and can focus on another source.

We estimate less than 5% of IMO/BGA’s in the nation control their own internet lead source. It takes a team with an understanding of not only internet marketing but also a deep understanding of the life insurance space and direct response selling.

Reason #2: We sell leads at our cost to generate and deliver them to you.

We’re in the business of maximizing ROI for our agents. You won’t find a more quality lead at the price points we have them.

Most of our competition uses 3rd party vendors who need to make a profit on their leads which is why you typically see leads being sold for $20-$30/ea.

We make our profit on the business you write with us. We have a vested interest to make sure these leads are high quality and as inexpensive as possible.

Reason #3: Leads are delivered within seconds of a completed form.

If you’re in the CRM and a new lead appears, they’ll likely still be on the website. Or at least still online with burial insurance on their mind.

If it’s a telemarketed call back – that person was just spoken with.

Speed to contact is VERY important and our system gets them into our platform (or your email) within seconds.

Reason #4: All leads are exclusive to you.

This means no one else will receive that lead.

We understand there are organizations out there that re-sell their exclusive leads as “B” leads in the future. We don’t do that.

The leads you receive are yours for life. On our platform you can export your leads at any time.

Reason #5: All of our ads and telemarketed call-back scripting clearly say “burial insurance”.

This has been a driver in increasing quality after you get someone on the phone.

Here’s a poor example of misleading copy that lead vendors will use to increase profits:

As of January 1, the Federal Government has not changed the government death benefit. You are entitled to receive no-cost information on a state-regulated program to pay for 100% of all funeral and other expenses up to $35,000. This cash payment is tax free

We found that using wording like this on our ads and not using any insurance language got us a much lower price per lead, but many prospects were looking for free coverage.

Notice how insurance isn’t mentioned once?

Notice how it mentions “no-cost” information. That’s misleading.

On all of the leads we generate, we use the terminology “burial insurance” or final expense insurance and mention there’s a cost on all our ad copy.  Here’s a sample ad where burial insurance is mentioned 3 times..

Reason #6: An immediate email is sent to your prospect, from you!

When a lead hits our platform, an immediate email is sent.

Even when you’re busy doing other things, our platform will send an email from you and all replies will go to your personal email.

What’s even better is our emails have a prequalification link.  Around 1 in 20 internet leads will complete the prequalification form giving you all their medications and health history before even speaking with them.

After you make an unsuccessful first attempt, a text is sent as well. This happens automatically if you’re using the Digital Senior Benefits platform.

This results in inbound calls and replies to these emails and texts.

Our system is working FOR YOU.

The email replies go to your own email inbox. The text replies, you can handle in the Digital Senior Benefits platform.

Reason #7: Leads are delivered directly into the Digital Senior Benefits CRM

There is no manual entry. All of our internet leads are posted in the Digital Senior Benefits platform immediately. They’ll be at the top of your call queue ready for you to click to call.

For our managed Facebook Ads, we’ll connect your Facebook Lead Ads to our CRM for you.

Reason #8: Lead buying and distribution made easy

You order your leads within our platform. You choose which states you want them in and the max you’ll take per day.

On your dashboard, you’ll see how many leads are left on your order in real-time so you always know where you stand and when you need to order more leads.

Reason #9: TCPA Complaince above and beyond what anyone else is doing.

First of all, our system doesn’t allow you to call outside of legal hours in each state.

We record every single phone call from our platform as well.

Our telemarketed call backs are all calling on TCPA compliant data.

Every lead funnels through our lead engine which has an API to the TCPA Blacklist Alliance.  Which is a database of known TCPA professional litigators trying to find a way to sue to you.  We filter out at least 1 or 2 leads every day in that database and don’t distribute them for your protection.

Types of Final Expense Leads Available

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we generate leads through display media, Facebook, search engine and strategic partnerships. We’ll describe each one of these leads below.

Managed Facebook Campaign: $300/mo

We’ll run Facebook ads in your Facebook Ad Manager. You don’t need to lift a finger..

We’ll put your phone number in the ads and a call scheduling link on the “thank you page”.  This means you’ll receive leads posted to our CRM, inbound calls and appointments.

Leads can cost $4-$7 depending on what kind of ad copy we use – we’ll discuss this with you on the initial setup call.

Price: $350/mo. (+ $250 1 time setup fee). No contracts. Cancel whenever you want.

You can use as much ad spend as you want – want 50 leads per day?  Lets do it. Want to turn your campaigns off for a few days? you’ll know how.

Once/week you’ll have a call with Josh, our Facebook Final Expense ninja who will get in your account via screenshare and optimize in front of you based on your feedback.  He lives in final expense FB campaigns for us every day and will get you off to a quick start.

Requirements: You must be willing to average at LEAST $50/day in ad spend throughout the month.  Most agents do $100/day.

We can only take a limited amount of agents for this opportunity.

Telemarketed Call Backs: $12

We use an offshore call center who calls TCPA compliant data and asks a series of questions that will be posted to your CRM in real time.

You’ll get name, phone, email, state, beneficiary, active checking account, health conditions and call back reference (favorite color etc).  The caller will ask if they’d like to speak with a licensed agent to explore plans available in their state.

We’re seeing a very high ROI on these leads right now. You should sell around 6%-10%+ of these prospects.  We have agents selling 10%+ of these leads consistently.

Here’s an agent’s stats from March 2020.  He’s a relentless caller.  He almost got in contact with 90% of his leads and sold 16% of them.

Average premium is $760.  So off of a $2952 ad spend, he wrote $29,640 in final expense annual premium in one month! 10x’ing his money.

Search Engine/Landing Page: $13

These are a mixture of search engine generated leads and Google or Facebook leads that are taken off Facebook and sent to a landing page.  Prospects see instant quotes.

In our CRM, we’ll show you the website the lead was originated on so you can say you’re calling from that website.

Live Transfer Leads: $33

These come with a 90 second buffer. If the prospect hangs up within 90 seconds (indicating non-interest), you aren’t charged for the transfer.

These live transfers are TCPA compliant data called on by an overseas call center.  They are verified for active checking account (no Direct Express!). Prior to the transfer, they must answer yes to the following questions:

1) Are you the decision-maker?
2) Do you have an interest in a quote?
3) Do you have time to talk to an agent?

You should close around 12%-18% of these live transfers.

We have software that you’ll need to subscribe to in order to make yourself available for live transfers.

ROI is always dependent on the agent.

You can expect to sell 3%-10% of your leads depending on how well you work our system and well you sell over the phone.  Live transfers will be 12%-20%.

Agents calling their leads quickly and clearing out their automated call queue daily will have a higher contact ratio of leads which of course gives them more selling opportunities.

Agents who have experience with final expense telesales or at least 50 full final expense presentations will sell a higher percentage of the leads they contact.

With all that said, agents tend to issue 3% of their leads with no experience, meaning you’ll write 4 applications out of 100 leads and 3 will issue.  Agents 60+ days of working leads trend toward 6%-9%.

At the time of writing this, our telemarketed leads are $12. Average premium is $760. Average closing percentage is 6%.

If you issue 6 apps out of 100 (3%), that’s $4560 in annual premium off of a $1200 spend.

If you issue 10 apps out of 100 (9%), that’s $7600 in annual premium off of a $1200 spend.

Agents will issue 3%-10% of the leads on our platform.  3% being the newer agents stumbling through the process with below average work ethic.

The agents who work our system – meaning work our platform’s call queue daily (higher contact percentage) and follow our final expense call training (close more of those contacts) will start at a minimum of 6% app out on our flagship telemarketed call backs..

The good news is, at 3%, you’re already profitable!

Once you learn to build better rapport with final expense prospects, exercise call control, learn your products and generally get more confident, you’ll increase your app out percentage.

And what’s really exciting is our platform allows a full-time agent to work 600+ leads/mo and stay on top of all of their leads.