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An Unbeatable Free Lead Final Expense Telesales Program

We’ve simplified the way final expense life insurance is sold over the phone by building proprietary technology that guides you through the perfect presentation. Quoting and underwriting are built into this masterfully engineered sales process to make your sales days a breeze.

The question becomes: How many of our pre-qualified leads can you write in a day?

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Our final expense Virtual Sales Agent (VSA) program is a work from home (or office) opportunity where we provide agents to an unlimited pool of very high quality leads.

These are the BEST final expense life insurance leads you’ll ever work.

You simply login and wait to be connected with someone, then follow the scripting on screen.

That’s it.

Our platform will guide you through the entire final expense presentation.

Write as much business every day as you can.

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The DigitalBGA Proprietary Software Difference

3 Major Features:

Lead Quality

You’re calling on high quality leads.
90% of the leads will be our flagship “Telemarketed Callback” lead. Where we have a fronter call on TCPA compliant opt-in data. pre-screened for a checking account.

Lead pool technology

You’re not assigned a lead. You’ll be dialing from a pool of leads, which means you’re not going to EVER run out of prospects to speak with. Our platform algorithmically calls the next best lead to call. You simply click “Dial” and wait to be connected with someone.

Perfect Presentation

When you are connected with someone, you’re presented with a script on your screen to follow. It’s the perfect presentation for final expense telesales. It immediately disarms your prospect, puts you in control, builds up the need and at the same time increases your average premium.

Earnings Potential

This is a real $10k/mo income opportunity if you put in the activity and follow our scripting. It’s as simple as that. You’re selling 4 final expense products only. Each product is competitively priced.

Commission Structure

  • Up to 25%-35% commission based on sales volume for the month
  • 100% advance of your commission
  • No chargeback liability after 4 months
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You will be writing 1-5 applications every single day.
With an average premium of $750 and a 35% commission, you’ll be making:

1 sale: $263/day
2 sales: $525/day
3 sales: $788/day
4 sales: $1050/day
5 sales: $1312/day

You should average between $350-$900 per day.
The “Average Joe” agent will sell 8 policies a week and the Superstars will be at 15-20 polices a week.

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