AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Contract

Step 1:  Request Contracting

Login to Surance Bay and request American General (AIG).

Request AIG Contracting

Step 2:  Print and download these resources


Download PDF Application


Download Product Guide


Download Underwriting Guide

Step 3:  How to Submit Applications

Step 4:  Additional Support

Your First Application

Once you have a writing number and create a login for the AIG GI portal (different than the AIG portal), you can go to “Launch e-app” in the CRM. This will take you to the correct portal where you can submit the e-app.

Product Specs

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Grading Periods

Graded – The death benefit is equal to the face amount of the policy for accidental death on day 1 of coverage. For non-accidental death, the death benefit is ROP + 10% for the first two years. Starting year 3, the death benefit for non-accidental death is equal to the face amount of the policy.

Accepted Payment Methods

EFT, Social Security Debit Card, and Credit Card. If paying with a card, please keep in mind that AIG will take the first payment once the app is submitted, the first payment cannot have a future draft date.

Underwriting Niches

AIG GI has no underwriting niches.

Carrier Support

For AIG support, call 1.800.123.4567.